Extendable Telescopic Boom conveyor for High Volume Shipping Applications

This conveyor gives you precise control at the shipping dock by extending automated loading all the way to the nose of the truck trailer. This allows faster, more ergonomic oading and unloading at busy shipping and receiving operations, and ties directly into powered conveyor systems without extensive integration. It stores out of the way under fixed conveyors when it's not in use, so you'll have clear working space for staging, loading, etc. Built tough for long life, with heavy duty steel construction and reinforced belt. Controls are convenient and easy to use.


1.Item description: Telescopic Truck Loader for loading the material into Trucks

2.Type: Foundation bolt mounted

3.Product to be transferred: Carton Box

4.Weight of the Carton Box: 25Kg per box

5.Total Expanded Length: 9.28mtr.

6.Base Length of the Conveyor: 6.78mtr.

7.Height of the Conveyor: 1000mm. (Approx)

8.Width of belt: 600mm.

9.Width of the Conveyor: 1100mm. (Approx)

10.Number of Stages: 2 Stages.

11.Type of Expansion & Compression: Motorised with Manual Type.

12.Frames: Enclosed with MS Sheet metal formed Structure.

13.Type of Belt: PVC top, fabric bottom.

14.Speed: 25 Meters/Min.

15.Up and Down Movement : By hydraulic

16.Safety stop on discharge end

17.Sensor for safety

18.Variable belt speed

19.E-stops at infeed and discharge

Applications :
• Material Handling
• Load Carrying
• Weight Transfer
• Suitable for loading all kinds of vehicles - Trucks, Trailers, Vans, Containers, Wagons & Aeroplanes.
• Suitable for all unit loads - Cartons, Packages, Bags, Crates, etc.
• Warehouse, Distribution Centres, Manufacturing and Logistics Companies.